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Many members tell us how great our Candle Coins Program is and they are spreading the good news to people around them. As a way of appreciation, we have designed a special referral bonus program to reward our members for their enthusiasm. Also for a limited time receive 250 Candle Coins for each new active member you refer.

Here's how it works: When a new member referred by you signs up at and provides us your Referral Number, you will get candle coins from us in the amount of 10% of your referral’s earnings from Candle Coins! In addition, you will also get 5% of extended referrals (people referred to our Candle Coins Program by your direct referrals and people referred by your direct referrals' referrals, 4 levels deep). For example, if ‘Jackie’ refers ‘Suzanne’ then ‘Jackie’ will receive 10% of the Candle Coins that ‘Suzanne’ receives. ‘Jackie’ will also receive 5% of the Candle Coins received by anyone that ‘Suzanne’ refers. This extended referral system will go four levels beyond the top level. There are no requirements to receive the referral bonuses or to the amount of referrals you can have. It will be credited to your account automatically.

1 10%
2 5%
3 5%
4 5%
5 5%

Examples of Total Rebates You Could Earn in One Year*
 No. of direct referrals you make 20 50 100
If each referral spends $50 per month and refers 5 people who also spend $50/mo: $420 $1050 $2100
If each referral spends $100 per month and refers 5 people who also spend $100/mo: $840 $2100 $4200
* Based on current rate of 500 Candle Coins earned per dollar spent.

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